About Us

Connect With Seasoned Entrepreneurs

Often it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters. Networking is key to your business success. And within the No Picket Fence community you have the opportunity to meet many entrepreneurs and experts in different fields. You’ll be able to build relationships with people who have walked this path before, and to receive their unqualified support.

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Tell Your Story

Moving from being a survivor to a true entrepreneur is hard. The challenges your business faces on a daily basis can wear you down, which can hold you back. The ability to tell your story within our storyboards allows you to share with others, display your growth, and build a network of people who can really help you move from startup and survival to true entrepreneurial success.

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Our boards will be added to the site in due course and are subject to strict terms and conditions. We do monitor this very closely, so please make sure you understand these terms of service.