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Internationally, over 97% of entrepreneurs won’t create wealth. As a South African entrepreneur, we aim to improve your chances of success – substantially.

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This site is focused on helping you reach true entrepreneurial success. How do we do this?

No Picket Fence is designed to help you.

Make Better Decisions

Being an entrepreneur demands that you step beyond your comfort zone. Every day you’re dealing with new and difficult things. Simple business things like finance, marketing, HR policies and the other stuff you have to do to make your business work. We have experts ready to help you with all of these things. If you are wanting to expand your business and buy a second passport, we’ll put you in touch with our partners: Global Citizenship.


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No Picket Fence is your entrepreneurial shortcut. You get to ask seasoned experts for their insight and advice on the issues and challenges you face on a daily basis.

And yes, someone probably has the same question and will have asked it. That’s why we create the best quality of questions and answers to help you. No Picket Fence is your information network, allowing you to make better decisions.